Inspiring points

Reflective story from journey of life , Alam terkembang jadi guru

Inspiring heart


It is hard to express what we feel to some one else ,

Rain makes flower grow and beautiful ,

Flower of the heart grow by smile and dazzle 

Flood of feeling to the flower is hard to stop ……. 

rain falls swiftly out there . . .So cold here ………. but when meet the flower , heart get warm………..    If there’s no tears, no way to feel insideheart vibration & eye sight never lieopened heart if not fulfilled will be expiredheart was easy to be shock and then fly with the wind… 

We are born with two eyes in front,  because we must not always look behind. But see what lies ahead, beyond us.  We are born to have two ears one left – one right so we can hear both sides.Collect both the compliments and criticisms, to see which are right. We are born with a brain concealed in a skull.Then no matter how poor we are, we are still  rich.For no one can steal what our brains contains.

Packing in more jewels and rings than you can think.  We are born with two eyes, two ears, but one mouth.For the mouth it is a sharp weapon, it can hurt, flirt, kill. Remember to talk less, listen and see more. We are born with only one heart, deep in our ribs.It reminds us to appreciate and give love from deep within.Learn to love and enjoy being loved but do not expect people to love you the way or as much as you had loved them.  Give love without expecting love in return and  you will find life more beautiful.


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This entry was posted on 27/02/2007 by in poetry.
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