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working with love [english]

flower_garden_wallpaper_4-normalIf you can’t love your work, so love the people who work there. Experience the excitement of that friendship, and then work will be so encouraging.

If you can’t love your work colleagues, then love the atmosphere and the building where you work. It encourages you to go to work passionately and perform tasks better again. If anyway you can’t do it, love every experience commuting to and from your workplace.
Enjoy the trip, pleasant freshness makes your day full happy anyway.
When commuting trips were already unpleasant, then you need to go to find another way to make a living.

However, if you also do not find pleasure there, so anything that can love from your work, plants decorate on the table, a lizard on the wall, or the clouds through out the window, or the peoples who encountered along your life journey, as it is, life will be full of beauty.
If you find that you can’t love your job, then why are you still there?
There is no reason for you to stay afloat. Quickly go out and find what your love is and then get a living there.

If there is not also find it in your place now, look somewhere else, spread worldwide, the world not as narrow as a small leaves.

We are life in this world only once. There is nothing more beautiful than to live with a sense of sincere love. The happiest people is who loves the way of his destiny whatever that lived , because the essence of life is a gift from the Creator, God, who Most Loved His creatures …


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