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Reflective story from journey of life , Alam terkembang jadi guru

artificial justice [english]

A Lion, an Ass, and a Fox were hunting in company to the big forest, and caught a large quantity of capture. The Ass was asked to divide the spoil. This he did very fairly, giving each an equal share.

The Fox was well satisfied, but the Lion flew into a great rage over it, and with one stroke of his huge paw, he added the Ass to the pile of slain.

Then he turned to the Fox.

“You divide it,” he roared angrily.

The Fox wasted no time in talking. He quickly piled all the game into one great heap. From this he took a very small portion for himself, such undesirable bits as the horns and hoofs of a mountain goat, and the end of an ox tail.

The Lion now recovered his good humor entirely.

“Who taught you to divide so fairly?” he asked pleasantly.

“I learned a lesson from the Ass,” replied the Fox, carefully edging away.

That was a fable story of Aesop, ancient time Greek philosopher,  moral of the story ;

justice is depend on who has the power

Learn from the misfortunes of others

In human life reality, it is difficult to find purely justice, people who has power or nation which has power ( super power nation) will dictated, what the justice is, base on his own interest.


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