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Reflective story from journey of life , Alam terkembang jadi guru

story of life boat [english]

Once upon a time, there was a scientist who has many knowledge but was so arrogant. One time he traveled to a place across a big lake, he went there with a small boat. At that time, he was the only passenger at the boat with the boatman who was rowing the boat.

As he sat at the boat looking at the beautiful nature around the vast lake, amid the cold wind blowing off from the top of the hill, the scientists starting conversation with the boatman ;

“Hi, boatman I want to ask you a question , do you know about mathematic or calculating science ?
What is it, I don’t know about mathematic , but at least I know how to calculate how much money I earn today, the boatman replied.
Hmm, muttered the scientist, it’s okay, you know little about math, it can be so beneficial for your life.

then scientist asked again, “do you know about science ? ”
what is it science ?, I don’t know about science, said the boatman
Ooh, you are so unlucky, you don’t know about science, you can’t understand nature and how to deal with it.
Because you don’t know sciences, it’s means, you lose a quarter of your life, you didn’t know how to deal with nature, said the scientists.

The boatman was still wondering, he didn’t understand, what the scientist said to him, becoming a looser because he don’t know about science, what is the relation? but he didn’t pay a lot attention, he thinking maybe that scientist just make a joke, he continued rowing the boat along the lake.

Then the scientist asked again, do you know about Economics?
Economics ? what science is it ? the boatman said confused, I don’t know that knowledge, first time i heard.
Wow, you are also don’t know about Economics ?, how do you will collect money, if you do not know about economics, it’s mean now, you have lost also a quarter of your life again !.  Said the scientist.

Boatman, still wondering, not understand why he becoming a looser because not understand of economic. He just thinking he still can collect money, sent to his family for daily needed.

Furthermore, the scientists asked again, do you know internet ?
What is it internet, first time I heard, I don’t know what is internet? , Said the boatman.
You also don’t know about internet, ooh you are so poorly, it means you have lost a quarter of your life anyway.

Sadly, you didn’t know much about science, you didn’t understand about nature, you didn’t know economic, you can’t seek wealth and also you did not know about the internet,
you are really a looser. When all those loose was combined, then it’s means totally you have lost three quarters of your life !!, oh you are so poorly, said the scientist.

Hi boatman, you must know me, I am a scientist, I know all the knowledge that was so important in human life, my life is very good, I am wealthy and becoming a famous person. Compare with you, you don’t have any knowledge, so you are just a looser, you are really a poorly people, your life is just becoming a boatman along the time, said the scientist with his overbearing.

The boatman just heard what the scientist said, while continuing rowed the boat. He can only be stunned astonished.
Boatman, did not bother with all of what the scientist said earlier, he just thinking that he still can enjoying his daily life and looking for a living for his family by carrying boat.

The boatman just continue rowed his boat, ignoring the scientists, who have no more fuss. Then the boat was kept going in the middle of the big lake, until he saw that the weather immediately changed, the sky became dark, the wind was blowing hard, water being waved out, as if going to raining and storm coming.

Later the weather becoming worst, boatman becoming worried and asked the scientist,

“O scientists, it seems the weather becoming so bad, look like raining storm will be coming, the water surface began surging fast, the boat was shocking, potentially later the boat could be sink, we had to swim to save ourselves, do you can swim right ? boatman asked the scientist.
What, swimming? I can’t swim, said the scientists.
What, you can’t swim, said boatman to scientist by surprised ,

Ooh how come ? you are a scientist, you know all the knowledge ;sciences, mathematics, economics, internet, and others, but it was so amazing that you are can’t swim ?, astonished boatman

The scientist was so embarrassed because of what boatman saying , then he was now so scared, because the boat swerved so hard, added nearly drowned, he could be falling to the water and sinking later.
The boatman said, O the scientist, you say I’ve lost three forth of my life because I am not knowing of sciences, economics and internet, while you will drown here because you can’t swim, when the boat is sinking, it means you will lose all your life because you can’t swim. Who is more looser now ?

The scientists were only able to stare half dead silence, hearing the words of the boatman
How come, all of his knowledge now, is not useful anymore , simply because he lacks the knowledge, he didn’t know how to swim.

Basically this story just a learning metaphor, analogy that I heard from a wanderer who traveled from one mosque to another mosque. I heard that at a mosque in the midway through his wanderings. Accordingly he explained, meanings, lessons of the story ;

The knowledge which said earlier by scientists such as math, sciences, economics and internet, is merely a parable of mundane knowledge, which needed to fulfill our daily life and other additional human life needed.

While the science of swimming in this story is parable of life knowledge, to understand life meaning, what is life purpose, what is the life target, that was religious knowledge. For as much as we have knowledge of all that things, it will be useless if you have no understanding of religion.

Yes, it is important that we need to know about how to fulfill our life needed, provide human basic need, our family living, that was a people task. As a human we are not just only undergo the lifetime, that different of human life compare with what animal life. Human as the noblest creature of God, in this world, has a noble aim too, not just life as it is. Human need to understand life meaning, what is life purpose, what is the life target and what are you prepare for afterlife, that religion knowledge explain.

People who has no understanding of religion, knowledge of the life, is look like a people who could not swim, he will drowned while wading through the vast ocean of life.
Essentially all of knowledge is really needed. But without knowing the nature of life knowledge, religion, all others knowledge will be meaningless. Primarily all of us need to have knowledge of life, then we are looking for another discipline of knowledge, because religion also encourages us to always seek knowledge throughout our lifetime.

Basically by reality of human normal day to day life time, which problem and pleasure coming alternately, many people are complacent then forget to reach understanding of basic life meaning. He just realized that life basic understanding was very important lately at the moment of death approaches, such as the story of the scientists said above.


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